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Create-An-Article® is your article writing service for unique content generated for reaching all Hispanic-Americans whether English-dominant, English-preferred, or bilingual.

According the last US Census 2010, there are over 50 million US Hispanics. The AOL market segmentation graph “The American Yardstick” shows that 46% of those Online Hispanics are US Dominant, and 31% are Bicultural. These 38 millions of acculturated US Hispanics consume media in English; however, they respond to marketing messages in a different fashion than the general population. Create-An-Article® can write this cultural relevant content for you.

Whether you need English web copy, business press or editorial material for reaching Hispanic-Americans, Create-An-Article® is the right solution for you. Marketing agencies that are in need of articles for their article marketing and SEO writing services can benefit from our services as well.

Samples of content generated in English to reach US Hispanics:

Your team will receive completed orders from Create-An-Article® formatted specifically to meet your needs.

Click on the samples below to view real examples of unique content used by clients as marketing collateral material for the English-dominant segment of their Hispanic-American customer base:

• Content used for a press release (client: Consolidated Credit): Consolidated Credit Advises Latinos to Evaluate Personal Situation Before Purchasing Health Care
• Content used for a blog (client: Espanol Seguros): Lowest Complaints in Over a Decade : Texas Auto Insurance
• Content used for a Web landing page (client: Dr Zizmor): Sun Damage
• Content used for a Web article (client: BuscaTuFranquicia.com): Hispanic entrepreneurs that immigrate to the United States
• Content used for a Web article (client: 24/7 Card):